the chill out dog difference


We know you’ve done your best to help your dog be her best. You’ve informed yourself, but have found lots of contradictory advise. You’ve probably tried a few methods and tools and made some progress, but are still struggling with stopping the concerning (or frustrating) behavior. Now you're skeptical that any method or training device can help your dog because you’ve used them. You’ve had to substantially modify the original vision of your life together with your dog due to misbehavior. While you have time for a dog, you’re also busy, and can’t afford to waste any more of your time with inefficient training. You just wish you could enjoy the companionship of your furry friend without all the stress.

We provide you with top shelf, honest, non-partisan training information that will transform your relationship with your four-legged buddy.
— Scott Ross | Owner | Head Trainer

You’ve just found the program that produces confident, happy, well-mannered dogs. Scott Ross holds his CPDT-KA with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. He specialize in stopping behaviors that persist despite your best efforts. We use an adaptive method that’s responsive to your dog’s unique sensibilities; our interventions treat behavior issues fairly and effectively. We can pinpoint where the behavior is stemming from, and provide straight-forward solutions to get immediate improvement. Our approach overcomes the hurdles that others struggle with. We’re interested in sharing all our training “secrets” with you.