the 6-Pack


Here we take everything in The 4-Pack and then add on two additional hour and a half training sessions. It's perfect if you're looking for extra polish, off-leash reliability, or need to tackle more challenging behaviors like aggression or anxiety.

Just like The 4-Pack, owners and dogs that will benefit from our 6-Pack are typically looking to troubleshoot behaviors such as:

  • Pulling on leash

  • Dog and human reactivity (barking, growling, lunging, etc.)

  • Counter surfing

  • Jumping up on people

  • Nipping at dogs and people

  • Possession aggression

  • Off-leash recall ("come" when called)

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive barking

  • Aggression

  • Severe anxiety

Here's an idea of what these sessions could like:

Session 1

  • Asses your dog's behavior.

  • Understand your goals for your dog.

  • Basic obedience: sit, down/stay, and place.

  • Foundation work for a loose leash walk.

  • Begin troubleshooting problematic behaviors.

Session 2

  • Continue to build obedience and the walk.

  • Remote collar* introduction with basic obedience.

  • Hold commands around distractions and temptations.

Session 3

  • Usually by Session 3, we're continuing to reinforce all the good stuff from the first 2 sessions and fine tuning our approach.

  • We'll also increase the level of challenges and up our expectations for your dog.

Session 4

  • Additional reinforcement of the prior sessions, but we're ready to up the challenge - more distractions, more temptations!

Session 5 & 6

  • These last two sessions depend on the dog and the behavior. For example, if we're working on off-leash recall we might head to a busy park to put the skills to the test; if we're working on severe separation anxiety, we will increase the duration of separation, as well as ensure you, the owner, can implement the training techniques yourself.

*If applicable, we may suggest the use of a remote collar to achieve your training goals. These collars use medical-grade stimulation (the type used on humans in physical therapy), vibration, and sound to better communicate with the dog. We are happy to discuss the use of this tool with you, and even let you try it yourself! Ultimately, the choice is yours - we just want to help. Your remote collar will be sold separately if needed.

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