Why We Love E-Collars

An E-Collar is a remote dog training system that consists of a wireless remote and a wireless receiver. By pressing a button on the remote, a handler can send a stimulating sensation to her dog. Unlike yesteryear's "shock collars", modern ECollars issue a form of stimulation that targets the neck muscles, mimicking the touch of a mother dog.

dog training E-collar and remote control

The stimulation at the lowest perceivable level is an incredibly light sensation, perfect for creating a positive association with the tool. When sending stimulation the handler is providing the dog with helpful information about how to act in order to get a reward. Where commands, snaps, claps, clicks, points, and body language can easily get drowned out in the chaos of an arousing situation, the sensation of the ECollar comes through clean and clear.

The stimulation can remind the dog to focus on the trainer and the instruction, as well as providing gentle feedback for missteps. This additional guidance makes training less stressful on the dog, as it helps them spend less time feeling confused. It gives dogs a chance to adjust their behavior in real time, instead of patterning something that doesn't work. 

With a low and slow introduction dogs learn that they control the stimulation with their behavior.  When a dog can't seem to help itself from acting out a particular unhealthy/dangerous behavior a touch from the ECollar can guide them towards a better choice. We've seen "lost causes" come back into the fold with this tool time and time again.  We've seen anxious dogs step out of their comfort zones and learn to relax in the presence of their triggers over and over.

The reason ECollars work so well is that dogs, like humans, can learn from feedback, it can help them make better choices, choices that lead them to joys they didn't know were even on the table. Combine all that with the fact that this tool is effective up to a half-mile range, and you've got yourself a game-changing training device.