“Fixing” Dogs

Every dog we work with makes incredible growth, but we don't “fix” dogs.

Every dog comes to us with a unique combination of history and biology, and therefore each success story reads a little different. A dog’s disposition prioritizes the set of responses to a situation, and some dogs have all the naughty ones up first. Our solution is to teach the dog a suitable replacement behavior, and then work through the layers of inappropriate responses. Some responses may be deeply ingrained, and thus take more time to get rid of.

With that said, most behavior problems are superficial and are quickly dealt with. However, for those dogs that do have issues with deep roots, our program offers an efficient means of growth.

The behavior being acted out is just the observable part of the mind-set beneath it. While the behavior in most cases changes quickly, the impulse beneath it may take longer; however, it will in time give way to consistency and structure. Your dog will improve by leaps and bounds, but the dog will need your leadership to stay on the right path.