it all started when...

We're Scott and Miko Ross the owners of Chill Out Dog Training. Miko primary works behind the scenes, while Scott spends his time working with owners and their dogs. Our mission is to help owners struggling with behavior and training issues here in Denver, CO. Specifically, neighborhoods near City Park, Cheesman Park, and Wash Park.

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Scott holds his CPDT-KA with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Over the last few years we’ve gotten amazing feedback on our ability to vastly improve the behavior (and mindset) of dogs.  We’ve helped many dog owners replace feelings of frustration and unease with confidence and pride. 

It was our own dog, Gus, a bold and powerful German Shepard/Shar-Pei mix that launched us into the world of dog training. His boisterous disposition gave Gus a knack for stirring up trouble. Over a couple years, that mischief turned into some extremely serious behavior issues. In our quest to help Gus, and ourselves, we came across a methodology that advocated consequences for poor choices and and a more structured lifestyle. These missing components made all the difference in creating a happy, well-mannered dog.

Our close friends were awestruck with the transformation Gus had quickly accomplished with the new training method, and they naturally began asking for help with their own dogs. As we began to work with other dogs, we quickly learned that Gus’ behavioral challenges were more extreme than most, but the training principals and protocols were universal. We really do owe Gus-dog a lot of credit, albeit in a topsy-turvy way.

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Now, we want to guide as many struggling dog owners as possible out of the weeds. We love to hear our clients say things like, “This is magic” and, “Wow! This was so worth the money”.  Stunned silence, happy tears, and hugs also make what we do worth it.  We're proud of the work we do because we love helping people, and we love seeing dogs  experience a happy, neurosis-free state of mind. We believe proper training is the best gift you can give any dog because an obedient and well-mannered dog will be included and adored, which is all they want.